The Party of the Penguins  LbNA # 62264

OwnerScavenging Bird    
Placed DateJun 22 2012
LocationDecatur Graveyard, Decatur, GA
Found By ABC Express
Last Found Jul 29 2012
Hike Distance?

#1. Start at the bamboo forest next to section 6.
#2. Take a right from the entrance of the bamboo forest.
#3. Keep going past the Jackson grave. Follow the road to the Luella .s. Smith grave.
#4. Turn right and walk up to the Gains grave, you will see a fallen down tree.
#5. Walk up to it.
#6. Next to it, you will see a rotten stump. Walk past it.
#7. You will eventually see a hill with a bridge at the bottom. Walk towards the bridge.
#8. To the left of the bridge, you will see some rocks. Walk up to the rocks.
#9. You have reached the destination of the letterbox