Furnace Creek Coyote  LbNA # 62278

OwnerThe Olde Oak      
Placed DateJun 2 2012
LocationDeath Valley National Park, Furnace Creek, CA
Found By katielu
Last Found Mar 25 2016
Hike Distance?

Drive or take the mule out to the Ranch at Furnace Creek in Death Valley. From almost anywhere it’s hours and hours by car and maybe weeks and months by mule. But once you get there it might take you fifteen minutes tops to locate the box and that’s if the heat has scrambled your brains.

Coyotes are often seen at the Ranch and in Death Valley. Feeding them is discouraged:


Amble on in and find the corner of Greenland and Zabriskie. Start walking away from the Wrangler Steak House on Zabriskie. Walk until you note a yellow fire plug on your left. Back up to the tree closest to it. Now before you actually search for the box what it is under kind of hangs together and it was no easy trick to find a secure place to hide the box. Try to keep the vegetation “glued” together. If it does not stay together then you will have to figure out another way to hide the box in its spot or find another material of that sort to place on top of it. You’ll see what I mean. Anyhow, about four feet up hidden under needles on the SW side of the tree I hope you find the Furnace Creek Coyote.

Thanks for coming and have another drink of water.