Summertime Strollin’ and Stampin’ at Lake Lenexa  LbNA # 62279

OwnerMighty Meadowlarks    
Placed DateJun 23 2012
LocationLake Lenexa, 8053 Monticello Road, Lenexa, KS
Found By Dizzy
Last Found Jul 21 2012
Hike Distance?


There are no ink pads hidden with these letterboxes and they are not "homemade" stamps.

This letterbox is located at Lenexa’s Black Hoof Park, 8053 Monticello Road, Lenexa, KS.

This letter box is almost entirely on a paved pathway so that it is stroller and dog-friendly (dogs must be on a leash in the park). It is a relatively easy letterbox designed for families with small kids, but the area is interesting for everyone.

Begin at Oak Shelter.
As you are facing the lake, go to your left (north) and find the trail map. As you are reading the map, start the paved trail to your left. Pass the “Adopt a Spot” sign on your right and the two benches on your left. (Yes, those are gunshots that you hear – there is a shooting range close by). Just as the trail curves to the right down and towards an overfill area, there is a pile a rocks on your left near the cross country (mowed path) course. Under one of these rocks in the pile on your left is the first treasure.

Get back on the paved trail and continue following in the same direction. Pass an informative sign about Snakes of Johnson County on your left. Continue to a diamond shaped sign indicating a right turn (right arrow). You might see a footpath off the paved area heading down the hill towards this little cove of the lake (often water lilies are found here – contemplate your inner lotus bloom). There is a tree larger than most in that area, in an outermost position to your right from the paved path. At it’s base there are rocks, and underneath one rock behind the tree is treasure number two.

Get back to the paved path. Just before you cross the dam/spillway stretch you have a split in the path – this is near the “Watershed” informative sign. Take the path that will go down below the spillway on the opposite side of the lake, keeping the cactus (in the planters) on your right as you go down the hill on the winding path. Take your first left before you reach the arbor area that is on this side of the spillway (you can come back to this arbor later if you desire). Pass the “Slippery Trail Ahead” sign. You should see four large “sitting” stones (bench style stones) at the curve of the path on your left. Behind these stones is a maple tree. Behind the maple, under a rock is treasure number three.

Retrace your steps back up the hill from whence you just came. If you’d like to explore the arbor you can do so on this return trip – to read about the “art” and inspiration of this dam/spillway engineering you can find an informative sign at the arbor.
Go back up the path to the Watershed informational sign. Turn left to and keep the cactus on your left as you cross the dam and spillway. After you enjoy the views, continue across the dam to where the paved trail ends at the red location sign 32541LN. Just uphill on the loose (unpaved) trail you will see on your left, three steel pillars set into the ground. Under a rock near the first pillar is treasure number 4.

At this point you may continue around the lake on this unpaved, “loose” trail to return to the Oak Shelter, or you may retrace the way you came to arrive back to the Oak shelter. This three pillar point is not quite half way around the lake. You can see how far the lake is, but this unpaved path will wind it’s way away from the shore line and it is a bit farther than it may seem if you continue on the loose trail.

Once back to the Oak Shelter house you can face the lake and see a restroom building and playground areas on your right. Follow a path away from (right/south of) the restroom past the playgrounds – here the paved path crosses a wet weather (7.5 ton) bridge, IMMEDIATELY after crossing this bridge you will see a grass area marked by a
Stone semi-circle on your left (a small shrub is growing here). At the southern most stone, two small trees are growing together, their trunks almost entwined. In front of these trees, between these trees and the large stones, there is a smaller (seat cushion sized) stone – beneath this is the final treasure. Please be stealthy as this is very near the playgrounds.