UEC Box 1  LbNA # 62281

OwnerThe Shadows    
Placed DateJun 13 2012
LocationUrban Ecology Center, 1500 East Park Place, MIlwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
Found By The Panda Tiger Clan
Last Found Dec 2 2012
Hike Distance?

Group name: The Shadows
Box name: UEC Box 1

Go to the Urban Ecology Center. Park in the parking lot and walk to the east end of the lot. At the fence turn to face north. Walk to the road, cross safely and walk north following the wood chipped path. A concrete wall will be on your left and a wooden fence on your right. Stop when you are directly in line with the end of the wall on your left.

The path will split in front of you but which way should you take? Set your compass to a bearing of 330 degrees. Take this path to the next large intersection.

At this intersection, stop, turn right and follow the trail as it curves to the left. Pass the fire pit on your left, and go to the end of the wood chip path where the gravel path starts. Before you is a circle path. Go west (left) until you are at the base of the steps on your right. Put the stairs (and bridge) behind you.

To continue on your journey, take the paved path to the right and begin walking again. Follow this path as it curves left (you’ll pass another set of stairs on the right) and enjoy being outdoors as you walk.

When this paved trail splits, be sure to stay to the right and go down the ramp.

At the bottom of the ramp stop. You will notice steps on your right and a bench ahead of you. Continue past the bench and the large tree, Hackberry tree, which is on your right.

Once past the tree, take the trail that curves to the left. After turning left, look for another bench on your left. Continue down this trail until you see two benches overlooking the river on your left (it might be hard to see them with all the leaves!!!). Stay on the trail.

Stand in line with the second bench that is facing west. Continue on the trail for 73 steps to a small trail on your right (again, it might be hard to see with all the leaves, but it’s there!). Turn east (right) and walk to the second large oak tree. And take a compass barring of 120 degrees.

At that bearing look for a third large red oak tree and walk to it. This tree will have softball-sized knots and a great vine in front of a hole. There you will find a big hole at the base of the tree and inside, far inside!, find the UEC box 1!