A Rose For The Resting  LbNA # 62285

OwnerSweet 'n' Spicy    
Placed DateMay 27 2012
LocationBrenham, TX
Found By TKPuddlejumpers
Last Found Jul 19 2012
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is hidden at the St. Peter's Lutheran Church and Cemetery in Gay Hill, just north of Brenham, Texas. It is a nice location that is well maintained with a small playground for kids, shade trees and even a little pond. There are a number of rose bushes planted around the area which are quite beatuiful. Roses have been long used as symbols in a number of societies. They are ancient symbols of love and beauty and are often left at gravesites in memory of dead loved ones. We felt this was a fitting letterbox for those reasons and we hope you enjoy the find!

If coming from Brenham, take Hwy 36 N. about 5-6 miles. Look for the Church sign on the left and turn left onto Wauls Legion Road. The church is at the intersection of Wauls Legion and Old Gay Hill Road.

To the letterbox: Park in the lot by Church. Walk past the playground and gazebo to the picnic area. Find the very last picnic table located left of the maintenance building. By this table is a very large oak tree. If sitting at the table, facing the tree, you would notice a hole at the base of the tree. Letterbox is inside, behind some bricks. BE CAREFUL! Look before reaching in case of snakes or anything else that may be hiding in there!! And please replace with bricks hiding the box.