The Bat Poet  LbNA # 62321

OwnerFriendly Naturalist    
Placed DateJun 1 2012
LocationPrice Park, Greeensboro, NC
Found By Friendly Naturalist
Last Found Jun 27 2012
Hike Distance?

The Bat Poet lives in Price Park (

To begin, you’ll need to park up in the parking lot at the Kathleen Clay Edwards library.

1. Start at the entrance to the Evergreen Trail, which is in the back of the parking lot. Take a look at the map: this trail makes a loop that comes out behind the library, next to the picnic shelter.

2. Follow the path into the woods and pass the sign that says “A Mixed Blessing.”

3. Keep going down the path as it circles to the left, then you’ll cross a bridge. Notice what trees are growing here. Which ones are old? Which ones are young?

4. Another path will cross yours, but keep on going straight and on past the sign that says “Wetter is better for some.” Right after the sign you’ll cross a bridge. Is there any water under the bridge?

5. You’ll enter the pine forest. Go past the sign that says, “Change is in the air” and walk up the slope. Choose left, not right and cross the dry creek bed.

6. On the other side of the dip, stand even with the large pine tree that is on your right. From that point, count 12 paces. (1 pace is a step with your left then your right.) If the path is sloping downward, you’ve gone too far.

7. Look to the left. Do you see the huge tree that is split with 2 trunks? One trunk curves to the left and has two arms that look like they have elbows. The other trunk is nice and straight.

You’ll find the Bat Poet Box at the base of this large tree. Be careful, there may be poison ivy!