Happy T@bber 2  LbNA # 62338

Placed DateJun 22 2012
LocationBeachside State Recreation Site, Waldport, OR
Last Found Jul 12 2013
Hike Distance?

Beachside State Recreation Area is one of the nicest beaches on the Oregon Coast. Between Waldport and Yachats, it has miles of beaches, a terrific campground, and kayaking just north on Beaver Creek at Ona Beach State Park.

We're part of a group of folks who love their T@B trailers. You'll know us when you see us - they look like big teardrop trailers, and we all have enormous smiles.

Happy T@bber 2 was planted after a short camping trip to Beachside where two T@Bs' paths crossed.

Keep in mind that this is a heavily used area, and be careful when looking and replacing.

At the day use area, you'll see a large sign with all the beach rules. Read it carefully and pay attention. The beach can be a dangerous place if you're not careful. After you read the rules, look to your left toward the blue and white parking spaces. Walk that way and look to your right. You'll find a sign pointing to the real beach access trail. Just behind the sign and next to the trail that you do not take to the beach is a tree with more than one trunk. At its base buried in grass is the second in the Happy T@bber series.

Let me know if you would how it's doing. Thanks!