I'm Late, I'm Late For A Very Important Date!  LbNA # 62376

Placed DateJul 2 2012
CountyLos Alamos
LocationCamp May Road, Los Alamos, NM
Found By Children of the Forest
Last Found Apr 16 2015
Hike Distance?

I'm Late, I'm Late For A Very Important Date!

Pajarito Ski Area offers plenty of meanding trails in all directions. Summit its rounded top by traversing the jeep trails or taking a direct route along the Aspen Lift. Walk the 2 miles to enjoy the very rare Canada Bonita meadow along the historic Guaje Canyon trail. Spend a night under the stars at Camp May. If you enjoy geocaching there are around 10 caches in the area some a bit more demanding then others.

The stamp is based on Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol. All adaptations of this book are worthy to read or watch.


Drive up Camp May Road approximately 4 miles from either NM 501 or West Road. Follow the signs to the Pajarito Ski Area.

From the Pajarito Ski Area main building backtrack 0.8 miles until you can pull over at a large RED gate, you may have caught a glimpse of it on the way up. There is ample parking so make sure not to block the gate.

I'm late , I'm late For a very important date. No time to say "Hello, Goodbye". I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.

15 steps to gain some height.
Only if you travel to your right.
From the gate big and red.
Between the tree and one that's dead.
Marked trail just before the split.
Continue left but not yet to sit.
Ten times two plus five and five.
Steps you take to find your prize.
A tree leans between two friends.
Ones you may not move in the end.
One plus two plus one and one again.
Feet you stand from the rabbits den.
The tree that leans big and tall.
In its base look down but not to fall.
A rock or two or three or four.
Look no longer you found a SPOR.

Have fun!!!