Bison Eidolon  LbNA # 62378

Placed DateJun 30 2012
LocationI-40 eastbound rest area, Adrian, TX
Found By terpsechorean girl
Last Found Apr 14 2013
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Bison Eidolon

This is letterbox, not a geocache. Please do not take the stamp and leave no swag.
Bring your own ink.

Buffalo used to roam these plains. On a family trip at dusk my imaginative mom looked at that little peak you see east of this rest area and said, "Look kids, is that a buffalo I see up there." We looked up from the tedium of riding the road--this was before cellphones and electronic distractions--to see the wonder. "Yes, yes, I'm sure it's a buffalo grazing on that hill." Sure enough, we saw the hulk of the lone figure from the back of the nickle--did I mention this was a while back. It's still there, you can see it chomping on the turf perched precariously up there. But as you get closer to mile marker it begins to shift, to transform into just another juniper-then two junipers. My mom's delusions continue to keep things interesting.

Directions: Get ye to the eastbound rest area on I-40 between mile markers 12 and 13 west of Amarillo or east of Tucumcari. From Amarillo you'll need to go past mile marker 12, cross the median and circle back.

Please don't let the truckers resting here see you make the grab. Have someone stand there while you take their picture of walk the dog out there and stoop down to pick up the poop so they don't get suspicious. Rehide very well so maintenance crews don't pick it up and throw it away.

Clue: Substitution: hINt=hULt

FrAm eOUterLmAst grUNN, eOUt. ILder rAcks ILder weUt jILUper.

Thanks for playing.