Sweet Berry (Micro)  LbNA # 6239 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBusy Bee    
Placed DateOct 24 2003
LocationMarble Falls, TX
Found By Delta Dawn
Last Found Apr 13 2006
Hike Distance?

This microbox and the other micro in the same area, have been reported missing several times since they were planted, but then later reported as found. So use your discretion about searching for it and the other micro box in the same location. Sometimes one is missing and one found, and sometimes the other is missing and the first one found. I'm wondering if a non-boxer finds them, takes them, but later, after reading the info and looking it up on the internet, decides to replace them...

Reported alive on July 24, 2004, but the logbook was ruined. If you visit this one, I would appreciate it if you bring along some paper to fit inside the film container, until I can get up that way to replace the logbook.
Travel west on Hwy 1431 from Marble Falls, for about a mile. There will be a roadside park on your right, on 'Granite Mountain', at the site of a quarry.

In this roadside park is an historical marker (a granite monolith) commemorating the 866 foot dome of solid pink granite. The formation covers 180 acres and contains the largest quarry of its kind in the United States. A special railroad line was built to haul the granite to Austin when the rock was used to build the state Capitol. The tracks and active quarry activities can be seen from the roadside park.

After reading the historical marker, walk to the stack of boulders on the east end of the roadside park. On the south side of the rock grouping, behind the center rock, find this little microbox, resting on the ground.

This 'Sweet Berry' microbox is placed in honor of Sweet Berry Farm, which is open to the public for strawberry picking in the spring, blackberry picking in the summer and a pumpkin patch, cornfield maze, scarecrow stuffing, hayrides and much more, in the Fall. To read more about it, go to http://www.sweetberryfarm.com/