Brazos Island Depot  LbNA # 62418 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateJun 30 2012
LocationNature Trail at convention center, Padre Island, TX
Found By Little Red Riding Hood
Last Found Jul 14 2012
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 18 2015

Difficulty: Easy, expect bugs!
Distance: 40 yards

Part of the Forts of Texas Series

Box is not located at original site, which would be difficult to reach. Here is a history of the post:
Named by the Spanish, Brazos Santiago Pass is a narrow passageway extending inward from the sea. The pass lies between Brazos Island and Padre Island. The changing depths of the pass channel kept large vessels from entering, but offered seclusion to smaller ships. The entire area proved strategically important in a variety of military conflicts.
Brazos Santiago harbor became part of the Texas revolution when the Texas warship "Invincible" heavily damaged the Mexican warship "Bravo" in April 1836. Supplies bound for the Mexican Army did not reach their destination. In 1846, U. S. Army General Zachary Taylor set up a military depot at the mouth of Brazos Santiago Pass on Brazos Island. during the war with Mexico, thousands of volunteers were encamped here, awaiting transfer to other locations.
In February 1861, the U. S. Army surrendered the depot to forces of the state of Texas prior to the outbreak of the Civil War. Federal soldiers landed unopposed in 1863 at Brazos Island, taking Fort Brown and Brownsville, only to abandon them less than a year later. In May 1865, the last battle of the Civil War was fought at nearby Palmito Ranch. The depot was abandoned following hurricane damage in 1867. (Marker No. 11777)

On Padre Island from causway, go left on main road for about 3 miles to Convention center. Turn left into parking and pass through circle drive to entry. Park on left along road just past nature trail.

To the Letterbox:
walk the path to trail split. Boardwalk goes left, but you want to go straigh to gazzebo. In middle, look right at waterfall. Facing that way look just a little left at support post with white rock next to its base. Box is under that white rock.