Cali Dreaming  LbNA # 62424

OwnerCreeping Death    
Placed DateJun 29 2012
Location1 Ashley Point Drive, Charleston, SC
Found By FourReal
Last Found Sep 9 2013
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California Dreaming
At night the neon sign is bright red
You can spot it while crossing the overpass
Stand in front of the restaurant
Walk over to the right side along the water
Under the handicap ramp
Look between the 3rd and 4th support beam
Do you see the pine cone on top of the back beam?
Go underneath and look at the beam against the wall
The 3x3 box is wedged in between
Move it to the left to remove it
Replace the box by wedging it in

Since you are here and need a place to stamp
this restaurant is a nice place to sit inside and
enjoy a drink or their food.