Goblin Siege at Squire's Castle  LbNA # 62433 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 5 2012
LocationNorth Chagrin Metropark - Squire's Castle, Mayfield Village, OH
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Head to North Chagrin Metroparks, Squire’s Castle (Google/Mapquest for directions) Parking Lot. Park and walk path towards front of castle.

Enter front entrance of castle (explore if you wish!). Exit rear entrance located just in front of you and head straight towards woods on cement path. Enter woods then take a left (should be on “castle trail” rather than “salamander trail”).

Continue on castle trail, cross footbridge, do not go up steps, rather continue to go straight on dirt path. About 25 paces forward there is a short fork to the right (don’t take to find letterbox) which leads to a small overlook of the stream bed. Take a look if you want, but don’t cross stream there, rather continue on initial dirt path an additional ~ 25 paces and look across the stream bed to see a clearing and path. Scramble down, cross the stream here, scramble up other side of creek bed.

From this spot turn right immediately. You will see a path heading up a hill. Roots provide a natural set of stairs. The creek bed should be on your right. Go about 85-90 paces up and look to your left. You should see a medium large tree with a heart carved into it and the initials MR and CLG. The tree also has a prominent root system appearing like narrow fingers poking the ground. Stand directly uphill from the tree. As you peer (downhill) over a downed tree from that spot, you will see another similar tree with a similar set of roots that appear as fingers.

Go to the uphill side of this tree, look up the hill and you will see a pine/fir tree with a nice little cubbyhole at it’s base covered over with branches and leaves. Scramble up the hill and you’ve found it. Return the way you came or scramble up a little farther and end up on the “salamander trail” and head downhill to loop around back to Squire’s Castle.

Our first attempt! Thanks.