Broughtons Letterbox  LbNA # 62442

OwnerOscar Swarzenegger    
Placed DateJul 8 2012
LocationBroughtons Nature Preserve at 619 State Route 821, Marietta, Ohio 45750, Marietta, OH
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Hike Distance?

*Need a COMPASS!*

1) When you arrive, go to the park pavilion. Go right to the trail map.

2) At the trail map, find the blue trail. To get there, follow the paved road to the right, all the way back to where you can see big oil tanks on a hill.

3) Start on the blue trail. Take a left into the first creek bed you see. Walk until you reach a fork in the creek. From there, go 10 degrees North. You should end back up on the blue trail.

4) From there, take a right and walk 97 paces up the hill trail. Turn left to face the big red oak.

5) Walk at 343 degrees Northwest for 38 paces. You should reach a little clearing. Find the largest red pine. Behind it is the letterbox (the letterbox is a Yuban coffee can).