Together Forever  LbNA # 62468

Placed DateJul 1 2012
LocationMount Hope Cemetery, Augusta, ME
Found By CelticMom
Last Found Sep 29 2013
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Together Forever
For better or worse, through sickness and health
You've been there side by side, sharing the laughter and tears, Through life's uncertain ride.

You have strolled down Life's pathway walking hand in hand together a truly loving couple two hearts entwined forever

Together they stay, side by side, up Mt. Pleasant you will stride.
Taking the 6th Lane past a french Well Come you find
the tall twin shading trees.
Their relatives the Burns, the Lichins too as well as The Parkers, Harry and Estella.
Once you find the Gagne three, Lorraine and Joe will be happy to see that their box is waiting for you to find, just to the right with their friends. Look between the bush and stone, low, rehide well.
This box has no ink, please bring your own.
This box was created in memorey of my daughters great grandparents. The stamp she made by hand for them to
match their stone. Please rehide well.
Thank you and enjoy the search!