Gazing Ducks  LbNA # 62471 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerAEA / ENA    
Placed DateJul 11 2012
CountySt. Charles
LocationLegacy Park, Cottleville, MO
Found By Explorer Girls
Last Found Sep 22 2012
Hike Distance?

This box is the second in two boxes very close to one another.

Legacy Park is located in Cottleville, MO off Hwy. N – right behind the police station.

You can get to Cottleville by Hwy. 94 to Mid Rivers Drive turn on Hwy. N.

If you have already located the “Pond Puppy” letter box – the directions for “Gazing Ducks” picks up right where it ends - skip to #8 of the clues

If you are looking for “Gazing Ducks” only you will need to start from the beginning.

1. When you arrive into the park, the parking lot is big. You will want to park close to the log cabin and dog run area.

2. To start this journey, head over towards the log cabin. You will see an informational sign at the entrance of the Dardenne Greenway – Cottleville Trail. This is the starting point to locate our box.

3. To begin, start walking along the paved trail. The log cabin will be on your left and the dog runs will be on your right.

4. Continue walking along the path about ¼ of a mile. The creek will be on your left.

5. You will come to a ramp leading up to a bridge. Follow the ramp and cross over the bridge.

6. At the end of the bridge go down the ramp to the other side. You will see a pond and a walking trail that goes around the pond.

7. Turn and start walking towards your left. The pond will be on your right.


8. Keep walking approx. ¼ mile further. You will see a gazebo.

9. You might be a little tired from your walk so head over to the gazebo to take a rest.

10. Sitting on the bench in the center of the gazebo you are very close to finding the box.

11. As you sit, looking back at the ramp of the gazebo you will see the railing on your right.

12. Count 10 rail posts over from the start of the ramp railing. You should find the box just near there hidden out of site.

Enjoy the relaxing view as you “gaze” at the ducks on the pond.

We hope you enjoyed looking for our “Gazing Ducks” letterbox!!