Autsidy  LbNA # 62487

OwnerLover of Autumn    
Placed DateJul 12 2012
LocationWestward Ho, Glenbulah, WI
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Hike Distance?

1st box..... Go to the hippo park. Stand next to it and face the road that leads right to it. There should be some porta-potties on the left side.Follow that road untill the main park is in sight. You should still be on the left of the fence with the old fashion wagon. Follow the road untill you are on the left of the mini golf course. Then enter the mini golf course and head toward the tree in the back left corner or the tree that is there. The box shall be under some leaves or in the tall grass or in the tree it may be moved due to other people.

2nd box....So you are in the mini golf course..GET OUT.. and face the main office building. Go through the buliding toward the pools but go to the right of it were there should be some shuffle boards. Go in the path in between them. Then follow the path out toward the porta potty. there is a road that will bring you to an outdoor movie theater... dont enter it but keep going straight on the right and there is a small petting zoo thing. face the front of the fence and walk to the back left corner of it. There in the corner behind the petting zoo is a wooden fence. go to the left corner of it and there will be the 2nd letter box. Unfortaunlty there is no stamp, its just for fun! But there is a notebook. Have fun and good luck on your journey!!!