Going Picking  LbNA # 62507 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 28 2012
CountySan Bernardino
LocationOak Glen Road, Yucaipa, CA
Found By LocknKeyLovers
Last Found Feb 4 2015
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Going Picking

Child friendly.
This is not a geocache so please do not take or leave anything. Please bring your own ink.

Directions: From San Bernardino heading East on I-10. Take exit 90 Cherry Valley. Turn left onto Cherry Valley. Turn left onto Beaumont Ave and continue onto Oak Glen Avenue. It will be about 5 miles along this windy mountain road to reach Riley's Farm. If you feel like picking some fruit I would suggest checking their website before you leave to see what is in season. You can pack a picnic and sit out on their lawn and then purchase a basket to fill with whatever you might desire to pick. However you should note that the stamps are not located at the farm. The Oak Glen Old School House is located just a little bit past Rileys Farm on Oak Glen Avenue. Turn right into the parking lot and park in the front of the school house.


1: From the front of the School Old house, which was built in 1927, you will turn right and walk around behind the school. You will see some old shed-like structures. Between the two structures there is an overgrown planter lined with rocks. On the side closest to the fence you will see three rocks piled together. The one on top is white and behind these rocks is the Old School House.

2: From the playground you will see a sign pointing out a nature trail. The trail is not very long. As you go along you will see small signs that point out interesting flora. At sign #3 stop and face the big Oak. At the base of the oak on the right side you will find a SPOR.

3: Continue along the trail to a curve and a small clearing on the left side. There will be some large rocks piled there. Tucked away between to large rocks is what you seek. If you make it to sign #5 without seeing the small clearing you have gone just a little too far.

4: As you continue along you will see a big Box Elder which has a #6 sign in front of it. At the front of the tree there is a small hole and you will see a white rock peeking out of it. I would suggest using a stick to check the hole before you stick your hand in there.

5: Continue to the end of the trail. Instead of heading back the way you came walk out into the field and to your right you will see a row of apple trees. Between the 3rd and 4th trees against the fence is a SPOR. You can cross from here through the field to the playground.

Please be careful that you are not seen when you grab any of the boxes. This can be a crowded area although at the time we were there, about an hour before sunset, there was no one to be seen and the kids were able to enjoy the playground to themselves. If you bring kids and they want to play at the playground I would suggest bringing another adult that doesn't mind being left at the playground. You will not be able to see the playground from the trail.