Carolina in the Morning #1: Morning Glories  LbNA # 62511

Placed DateJul 14 2012
Location???, NC
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Located at a 100-acre park in a city named after the man who was a Quaker governor of North Carolina during the Colonial Era.
Follow the sound of children playing and enter the trail by the white fence. At the covered wooden bench, don’t get distracted away from the main path or you might be left behind. Soon you will hear the music of nature as the water flows over the rocks. Stop to explore the retaining wall. Start at the stump at the base of the wall and take 15-20 steps toward the creek bed. Keep your head up and if you pass the dogwood tree, you’ll know you’ve gone too far. There are lots of crevices in this wall, but only one is marked with a smaller rock inside. Use a stick to reveal the contents of the crevice.