Harry Potter and the Search for the Sorcerers Ston  LbNA # 62518

Placed DateJul 8 2012
Location900 S Edison St, Visalia, CA
Found By The Prophet
Last Found Feb 18 2013
Hike Distance?

In the award winning book "Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone", Dumbledore and the other teachers and staff of Hogwarts School set up several enchantments to guard the valuable Sorcerers Stone. The first of these is a huge three headed dog whom Hagrid affectionately calls "Fluffy." Thus this stamp is hidden near a bark-park! :)

To begin your search for fluffy, you will need to enter on the south end of the park, off Tulare Avenue. There is a pathway on the left of the bark park lined with trees. As you walk down this path the dog park will be on your right and you should count seven trees on your left (one for each book!) When the sidewalk tee's choose the right and go around the bend. Look for the sign with a number "5" on it. (It is part of the disc course) At the sign, turn around so you are facing south. Count 27 paces. Turn left (east) and walk across the bark to the fence. Fluffy is hiding under a large loose piece of cement! There are many benches along the path that are perfect for sitting down to stamp!

Please make sure NOBODY is looking before removing or re-hiding this stamp. Also please ensure that the all of the ziplocks are securely fastened. The ziplock around the stamp and logbook tend to get caught in the ziplock of the pouch, so please take care when re-sealing!

Happy Hunting and remember to record your find and let me know how this stamp is doing!

P.S. Be sure to check out the other enchantments guarding the stone! :)