Harry Potter and the Search for the Sorcerers Ston  LbNA # 62519

Placed DateJul 9 2012
Location9501 Airport Drive Visalia, CA 93277, Visalia, CA
Found By JampersandJ
Last Found May 3 2017
Hike Distance?

In the award winning book "Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone", Dumbledore and the other teachers and staff of Hogwarts School set up several enchantments to guard the valuable Sorcerers Stone. The third of these was a room full of flying keys enchanted by Professor Flitwick! Thus this box is hidden near the Visalia Municipal Airport, where lots of things fly!

Drive to the Airport building and into the parking lot. Face east and continue driving until you have reached the end of the parking lot. Find the last island on the left (north). It has lots of bark, a tree and 4 bushes. In the southeast corner of this island you will find a grouping of three rocks. There is a crevice where the largest and one the smaller rocks meet. Under the ledge of this larger rock, covered in bark and leaves is one of the flying keys! It seems that it was flying so fast when it was caught that the letters may be a little off... :)

Please make sure NOBODY is looking before removing or re-hiding this stamp. Also please ensure that the all of the ziplocks are securely fastened. The ziplock around the stamp and logbook tend to get caught in the ziplock of the pouch, so please take care when re-sealing!

Happy Hunting and remember to record your find and let me know how this stamp is doing!

P.S. Be sure to check out the rest of the enchantments guarding the stone!