I Want YOU to Hike!  LbNA # 62522

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateJul 4 2012
LocationStanley, ID
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Hike Distance5-8 mi
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Last checked/found: 4-JUL-12

Location: ~Mile Post 174.6 on Hwy. 75 (approximately 15 miles south of Stanley). Turn east on 4th of July Road (dirt/gravel) and drive about ten miles to the parking lot at the trailhead. You may want to search online for the Forest Service’s “SAWTOOTH NATIONAL RECREATION AREA RECREATION REPORT” for current info on road and trail conditions.

Terrain: Rocky dirt trail through forest.
Distance: 5-6 miles roundtrip, 950’ elevation gain.
Note: You may want to find my “4th of July” box along the way.

Uncle Sam wants us to all keep fit and trim and he suggested that a great way to do this would be to hike up to Washington Lake (one of his many “Washington” homes). If you’d like to meet him, you’ll need to make this hike into the White Cloud Mountains!

Start out on the trail, cross a bridge, and then cross an ATV track. At the intersection of 109 & 219 – stay with the low number. When you reach a “Y” at the lake, head right to continue on towards Uncle Sam.

Cross the creek and then continue until you get a glimpse of Washington Lake on your left as you walk across a small creek flowing across the trail. Continue down along the trail to a second larger creek tumbling across the trail.
Take ~300 steps further on the trail to reach a large (approximately 6’ x 8’) flattish rock on the right side of the trail with a tree growing in front of it. The rock is about 25-30 steps off the trail. (In case the creeks are dried up, the rock is approximately midway along the lake.)

From the center of the rock, take a bearing of 150 degrees to a split pine. The box is near the front of the tree, under a smaller flat stone underneath the pine boughs. Please rehide it well to avoid accidental discovery by muggles visiting the area.

If you’d like a nice spot for lunch, head straight toward the lakeshore from the rock and you should see some log “benches” around a campfire ring. You can then retrace your steps back to the parking lot or do any additional exploring that might interest you.

We live quite far away, so would greatly appreciate an email to let us know if you made the acquaintance of our patriotic uncle.