Father's Day Box - missing  LbNA # 62545 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWry Me    
Placed DateJul 17 2012
LocationPine Gully Park, Seabrook, TX
Found By Bulldogger
Last Found Jan 4 2013
Hike Distance?

MISSING - verified by yours truly, Wry Me. Bummer.

The most recent fabulous place hoppers has taken us. You can fish from here, so grab your tackle before you go. It's on the TX birding trail, so you may want binoculars, too. To get to the park: S on I-45 to Nasa 1, E on Nasa 1 to 146, N (left) on 146, E (right) onto Meyer, NE (right) onto Todville Rd. You have several options to avoid the non-resident parking fee at the park. 1) Park at Robinson and hike ~1.2 miles to Pine Gully. Worth it if you have the time. 2) Follow the signs on Todville to Pine Gully Park, but stop when you get to Maas nursery. Park in their lot and walk up the road to the park. 3) Park on the side of the road in front of the park by the cemetery. This is what we did the day I planted the box. 4) Move to Seabrook and become a resident. Then you can come and go as you please and I will be your new boxing buddy. (Worth a try.) Or you can suck it up and pay $20 to park on weekends, $10 to park on weekdays and $30 to park on holiday weekends. If you choose to park, follow the road all the way to the fishing pier and pick up the clues from *there.

Before you make the first right just inside the gates onto the Pine Gully Nature Trail, take a moment to read the sign about shell middens (or better yet, Google it before you go – fascinating stuff!) This is where you’re going. Once on the trail, go right at the first fork. Go left at the second fork and to the left at the third fork. Enjoy the view of Galveston Bay and the incredible pile of shells. At this point, it’s inevitable that if you’re with kids, they will abandon you to become impromptu anthropologists and start digging through the shells on the beach. This is an incredible place. You might as well spend a few minutes letting them run around while you collect the inevitable litter that accumulates onshore. Keeping to the trail, as you round the bend you will notice a parking lot next to a picnic area. *With the parking lot, pier and the bay on your right, cut through the picnic area until you come to another trailhead on your left. There will be two lead-ins to the main trailhead that form a V. From the point of the V, count 40 steps to a large tree on your right. There is a long hollow slit about 12 feet up where the main trunk splits into two main branches before branching into the canopy. From that tree, go 9 steps off-trail into the clearing behind it where you will see an amazing switchback tree. Where this tree has doubled back on itself, the trunk has hollowed out. The Father’s Day Box is in this hollow, with no SPOR cover so it can drain. Please let me know how the box is doing. Overall, I’m not wild about hollow logs, but I couldn’t resist this one! You can go back the way you came and have another look at the shell beach, or keep going, taking a right at the next intersection, to return to the main gate of the park. Seabrook is on the Clear Lake Loop of the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail and has four designated sites, including Pine Gully. The other 3 are also part of this string of parks along Todville Rd: McHale, Hester Garden and Robinson Park. You could easily spend the day here. The parks are small, quaint and uncrowded.

Maas Nursery
Spring Hours:
Mon-Sat 9 am to 6:00 pm
Sunday 10 am to 6:00 pm

Seabrook Trail Maps:

This one has better street details/information about amenities at each park.

This one shows the actual trails and mileage between them.