Camel from Texas  LbNA # 62557

Placed DateJul 10 2012
LocationGros Ventre Slide, Kelly, WY
Found By (hidden)
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Camel from Texas LB
Kelly, WY

This box is near the Gros Ventre Slide in the Teton National Forest just outside the eastern boundary of Grand Teton National Park.

Why is a camel in Jackson Hole? Why was the camel in north Texas? Why indeed? It’s a mystery. Several years ago while driving north from Fort Worth, Texas along hwy 287, I spotted a herd of camels – camels! – in a pasture near Henrietta, TX. The camels were always something strange to look for along this highway. After a few years, they disappeared from that location and then reappeared a little further northwest, near Iowa Park, TX. Then after a few more years, they again disappeared. Where have they gone to? Where are all the camels now? My guess is, they decided to go still further northwest, maybe wanting to check out the wildlife and scenic beauty of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. So naturally, that’s where I’ve placed my Camel from Texas letterbox. Now you may see bison, bears, elk, antelope, deer – and a camel in Jackson Hole!

To find the letterbox: Go north from Jackson on Hwy 26, 89, & 191 to Gros Ventre Junction. Turn right (NE) on the road that goes past the Gros Ventre campground to Kelly and continue past Kelly to Gros Ventre Rd. Turn right and continue 4.7 miles to the Gros Ventre Slide Geological Area parking area/interpretive signs.

Facing the signs, go left on the path leading away from the parking lot. Turn right at the trail sign on the dirt trail. You will pass several short stumps along this trail where, apparently, there formerly were interpretive signs that are no longer there. You will pass a bench; continue on, passing a debris field of rocks, until you reach the second bench at the top of the hill overlooking the lake.
Rest a minute on this bench and enjoy the view: slide area on one side, lake below on the other. Then follow the small dirt trail behind the right end of the bench as you face toward the lake, about 10-12 steps to a large pine tree on the left of the trail with a big rock beside it. The camel is in a camo pouch under SPOR beneath tree and behind rock.

PLEASE RESEAL ALL BAGS AND THE CAMO POUCH CAREFULLY TO PROTECT THE LOG, AND RECOVER THE POUCH WITH THE ROCKS TO PROTECT THE POUCH. Please contact me about the status of this letterbox at Atlasquest or LBNA. Thanks, and enjoy the views! -- Viewfinder