In the Woods Add-on  LbNA # 62584

Placed DateJul 21 2012
LocationColeman Mixed Woods, Lamoine, ME
Found By phynstar
Last Found Jul 5 2016
Hike Distance?

Lamoine/Hancock Girl Scout Troop 796 placed these add-on boxes as part of their Letterboxing badge work.

In order to find these boxes, you have to start at the In the Woods letterboxes planted by Queen Tiffana.

Add-on to box 1: I ♥ Fairies
Find "In the Woods" letterbox 1. From that bench, take 10 large steps down the Swamp Trail to a white birch tree on your left. At 10:00 see a 3' hollow stump. The box is to the right of the base of that stump, hidden under bark.

Add-on to box 2: Tinkerbelle's Big Dog
Find "In the Woods" letterbox 2. Go back to the big treeto the left of the stump where you just found the box. From that tree, go into the woods on the left, about 3 steps at 10:00 to a small stump at the bottom of a small spruce tree. The box is hidden under pine needles.

Add-on to box 3: Happy Butterfly
Sit on the bench at "In the Woods" box 3. Look straight ahead across the trail and a little on the left is an old, long stump. On the right of that stump, covered by a bump of moss is the box.

Hope you enjoyed these boxes and don't forget to look for the other Queen Tiffana box"Coleman Mixed Woods" that is also here.