Texas Spring Wildflowers  LbNA # 62588

OwnerTandDee's boxes    
Placed DateJun 6 2012
LocationBrushy Creek Trail, Austin/Cedar Park, TX
Found By Moshi
Last Found Sep 13 2015
Hike Distance?

Brushy Creek Trail is a relatively new trail and park system in Northwest Austin/Cedar Park area. There is a creek that runs through the area that is often prone to flooding in heavy rains. There are numerous parks and fields along the way dotted with flowers in the Spring, which is what prompted this letterbox series.

This entire letterbox hunt is about 2 ˝ miles round trip, but you can park at Creekside Pool to begin and then go back to your car and drive to the next destination if it’s too much of a walk. It would also be appropriate for biking.

To get to Creekside Pool take Parmer to Brushy Creek Road (which lies between the 620 and 1431 stretch of Parmer). Turn right on Brushy Creek. Follow the road for approximately 2 miles. Creekside Trailhead will be on the right hand side of the road. There is a parking lot right in front of the pool. You can park there for your first two boxes.

Once you park in the pool lot; walk to the park which is between the pool and the tennis courts. Stand by the swings with your back to the tennis courts. At approximately 35 paces (across the bike path) there is a stump. Look there for the first stamp.

Go back to the trail and walk away from the pool. At marker 5.50 look up and find a very thick black power line. Follow that line up the hill (approx 35-45 steps). Find the oak tree with a big rock in front of it.

Go back to the trail, continue walking away from the pool (on your left you will see a “trail of rocks” to the side of the path). Stay on the trail until you get to a sign that says “Olson Meadows Park). Take a left at the sidewalk (toward the pavilion and the bridge). Continue on the trail until you can take a right toward the bridge. Follow that path, but do not cross the bridge. Look for the hallowed out tree (Pooh tree!) to the left is a rock with shrubs on it…that’s where you’ll find the third box.

Now cross the bridge and go back to the trail headed toward Parmer (away from the pool where you started). Pass BCRT marker 5.25 continue past the baseball fields, just past the sign for “Meadows Park/Avery Ranch” is the bridge, at the bridge there is a large rock on the right that hides the next prize. It is between two rocks.

Continue across the bridge, enjoy the walk. When you come to BCRT marker 4.75 continue on just before the crossing under Brushy Creek Road look for an oak tree on the right just before the under street walkway. Don’t look too high or too low, but the tree holds the next treasure.

Continue down the trail. At BCRT marker 4.25 go off the trail to the clump of trees between the trail and the cemetery, search the trees for the box. You have found the final box, don’t forget to put your name in the log.