The Scarlet Letterbox  LbNA # 62606 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe KrumBens    
Placed DateJun 30 2012
CountySt. Lucie
LocationN 27° 19.515 W 080° 24.488, St. Lucie West, FL
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The Scarlet Letterbox

N 27° 19.515 W 080° 24.488
At the posted coordinates you'll find a box full of papers with letters. This is where you begin your journey. So what are you searching for? Well in order to get to the cache, you need to find and follow the eight scarlet ribbons.

Head north along the tree line. Locate and count the ribbons along the way. After you have found the 5th ribbon, look carefully in the tree that follows. Once you've found it, pull and listen. Do it more than once if necessary. This will help you locate the letterbox. Please DO NOT interfere with the mechanism! After pulling, you can go one of two ways, 1.)very light to no bushwhacking by continuing to follow the last three ribbons, 6, 7, and 8 until you find what you seek or 2.) go the direct and ever so painful route. Number 1 is strongly encouraged as it will result in less muggling. However, there is a third option that calls for teamwork: one of you continues to pull while the other searches for the ribbons/follows the sound along the less painful path to the letterbox.

Final note: "I can't find the dang thing in the tree!" No worries, just follow the ribbons. The thing in the tree just adds another ap-pealing sense as it were, makes things a bit more interactive.

The cache contains typical swag, but since it's a letterbox, I put in some postcards for you to mail off if you're from out of town, I even typed up some silly love letters & sonnets/poems by Shakespeare and Robert Burns. Feel free to take one with you for that special someone unless, by the time you get to the cache, they're a little moldy. I'd give them a pass. :っD