The Little Green Leaf  LbNA # 62617 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 26 2012
LocationOredson Todd Woods, Ashland, OR
Found By trailcruising3
Last Found Sep 9 2012
Hike Distance?

Start at the beginning of the Oredson-Todd trail head. Walk .3 miles towards the start of the White Rabbit Trail. At the sign "Multi-use Trail" follow the trail to the left. 100 yds beyond sign you come to your first creek crossing. 50' later is the second creek crossing. 10' up the hill on the right is a big fallen down tree. Continue on and walk under the arched tree to the third creek crossing. Continue on to the wooden bridge to the fourth creek crossing. At the fork in the road follow the path on the right that follows the creek. You will come to the second wooden bridge, which is your fifth creek crossing. Walk farther on to the 6th and final creek crossing. Go up 8 log steps. You will see the third wooden bridge. Do not cross the bridge- just past it you will see a large fallen tree with its roots sticking up. Approximately half the distance of the log, just before the roots you will see a pile of large bark pieces and rocks, dig under here and you will find your letterbox!