The Lion and the Sheep  LbNA # 62621 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerGeneral Magicsailor    
Placed DateJun 26 2012
LocationYou'll Find Out SOON, Houston, TX
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Hike Distance?

Drive over to Bendwood Park and park on Kimberly.

Walk across the entire park to the place where people hit a ball with a stick and touch all four points of a diamond that has no value. Step on to the home that is not a shelter and look around. Find the nearest giant can on poles.Walk over to it. From there, start walking to the light on a stick and stop at the first tree you see.

From here, there are four clues that each lead to different places. More than one are false, so donít be too disappointed if you donít find one on your first choice.

#1 Stay at the tree and look down. Letterbox is there covered in bark, dust, etc.

#2 Walk to the light on a stick. Letterbox is at the base of it.

#3 Letterbox is in lowest branch of tree.

#4 Walk back to the home that is not a shelter. Turn to face the NW. Walk until you come to wall. Look down. Letterbox will be there.

Please rehide and cover well. Email me on how the box(es) are/is doing at