Cathedral Pines Campground Public Beach Flagstaff  LbNA # 62636

Placed DateJul 18 2012
LocationCathedral Pines public beach Flagstaff Lake, Eustis, ME
Found By Elphaba
Last Found Sep 1 2013
Hike Distance?

Go to Cathedral Pines campground in Eustis, ME. Before entering the main campground, you will see a sign directing you to stay left for the public beach; go to the public beach. AT the end of a dirt road is the parking lot for the beach. You will see a string of large stones bordering the parking lot from the beach. Looking at the lake, the far right hand stone has some unusual black marks on it. This stone is also right next to 2-3 birch trees (one of the trees looked sick when we were there). On the right side of this stone, facing the woods, is a hole covered by leaves and twigs. Inside you will find our letterbox! Happy hunting!