The Chimney Sweep and Squirrel Bridge  LbNA # 62688

Placed DateMay 31 2012
LocationMills Reservation, Verona, NJ
Found By GoodLooks&Charm
Last Found Mar 22 2014
Hike Distance?

The Chimney Sweep
1. Park in parking lot off of Normal Ave.
2. Walk up to where the trail splits.
3. Turn right onto trail.
4. Walk a little ways until you pass the dammed up stream.
5. Cross the green drain pipe across the trail
6. A little further on turn left onto the yellow trail.
7. Continue on trail and step over the log in the trail.
8. Go uphill past two trees with yellow blazes.
9. Just before the tree with the 3rd yellow blaze turn right off trail
10. Walk to the right of the tree with the double trunk 70 steps
11. Then look for the chimney shaped tree.
12. And look for letterbox.

Second Box (Squirrel Bridge)
1. Go back to the trail with the yellow blazes, turn right, continuing the way you were before.
2. Go over rock bed in the trail
3. Go to where pink trail merges with yellow trail. At the merge go 110 steps down the yellow trail.
4. On the right of the trail, look for a cluster of fallen branches attached to a fallen tree still on its trunk. (it looks like an upside down L)
5. Look in the trunk.