Hobbit Hole and Turtle Rock  LbNA # 62689

Placed DateMay 31 2012
LocationMills Reservation, Verona, NJ
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The Hobbit Hole Letter Box

1.Drive to Mills reservation and come in at the Normal road entrance.

2.Start at the parking lot near the Lenape Trail sign.

3.Walk up a small hill to where the trail splits and take the trail to the right. The trail is called the West Trail.

4.Continue down to bottom of hill eventually going past a small rock water dam on the left.

5.After the small rock water dam you will immediately cross a split tree in the path. Continue on the path.

6.Ahead will be two paths, take path straight.

7.Walk under a leaning tree that crosses the path.

8.Pass a split tree on the ground and from here take 20 paces.

9.Look for the hobbit hole on the left, which is right at the edge of the path and in the bottom of a tree.

The Turtle Rock Letter Box

1.Start from the Hobbit Hole letterbox and continue south on the path.

2.Go past a wooden stick triangular structure, located on the right side of that path, that looks like a tee pee.

3.Walk 40 paces and head west down the hill.

4.Come to a split tree on the ground.

5.Walk 40 paces and turn right and go off the path and down a hill.

6.Keep walking approximately 30 paces until come to a fallen tree.

7.Turn left and continue walking off path until come to a stream.

8.When get to a stream turn left and head upstream.

9.When you see a large rock (called “Turtle Rock”) in the stream, cross the stream using Turtle Rock.

10.Turn left and look for the rotted tree crossing the stream and you’ll see the letterbox.