Hiddeb in Hole and Squirrel Cache  LbNA # 62690

Placed DateMay 31 2012
LocationMills Reservation, verona, NJ
Found By GoodLooks&Charm
Last Found Mar 22 2014
Hike Distance?

Hidden in a Hole Letter Box:

Park in parking lot off of Normal Ave.

Walk up to where the trail splits.

Take the trail to the left -- you know you are going in the right direction when you see a protruding rock in the ground in the middle of the path.

A small trail will go off to the right. Continue on the big trail, don't go to the right.

There is an arch of trees in the trail. Just look for the arch of trees to the left

Walk under the arch of trees to the left.

Go 25 steps to the tree with the hole at the base.

There you should find the letterbox!

Squirrel Cache Letter Box:

Go back on the big trail and go back the way you came 20 steps.

Take the little trail (now to your left).

CAUTION! Do not walk under fallen tree, walk around.

Where the trail dead ends turn right. This is the yellow trail

Go over or around two fallen trees.

Look for the pink trail off to the left

Follow pink trail until you see a purple blaze (a little hard to see)

Keep going until you see a purple blaze on the skinny tree

From this purple blaze, walk 66 steps to the tree onthe right that has 2 Ps carved into it.

Go right off trail 8 steps to the rock pile

Dig around a little and you should find the letterbox.