Heroes Enjoy letterBoxing  LbNA # 62712 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 30 2012
LocationSouthEast Round Rock, Round Rock, TX
Found By Walksfar
Last Found May 24 2014
Hike Distance?

**New, very similar stamp 10/4/2013, old stamp was stolen May 2013**

4 ordinary people went shopping at their local Round Rock 3 HEB (on the corner of Greenlawn & Louis Henna/SH45).

On their way to the cart return they saw a baby bird on the ground. They picked him up and walked to a large crepe myrtle. From the crepe myrtle, they saw a restaurant featuring a little girl with red braids. It is a great place to buy a frosty.

After buying their treats, they picked up some litter, and walked it back to a garbage can near an establishment named after a baby whale in the deep blue sea.

From here the good people saw a car parked in front of the pizza place with its lights still on. They went inside to warn the owner.

On the way out, they saw a child from the child care center crying because his ball had been thrown over the fence and was now in the alley behind the stores.

While in the alley retrieving the ball, the heroes noticed a rectangular opening in the bottom of the wall filled with red bricks. Behind one brick, they hid their box and a stamp for other Heroes who Enjoy letterBoxing to find.

Several heroes found the stamp, and left their mark as well. Then the stamp went missing. And there was none to do the carving. Grandpa wasn't visiting and Mom was busy without fail. Some little heroes couldn't find the stamp, and wanted things put right. So I carved the stamp up late one night. And now the box is back with a new stamp!