Canoe Portage  LbNA # 6272

Placed DateOct 31 2003
LocationSkowhegan, ME
Found By Robin's Nest
Last Found Aug 30 2009
Hike Distance?

Within the town of Skowhegan, find the Canoe Portage Trail. Go down the steps and follow the trail. Occasional signs will appear to tell you you are on the right trail. At the "T" intersection, bear right, following the flow of the river. Continue past one sewer cover on your left, and another further ahead on your right. About 30-40 feet before the power lines, stop and look to your right. Up a slight incline is a rocky ledge. In the face of this ledge, under some small rocks, is your prize.

In the fall this trail is covered with leaves, but still visable. Follow your instincts and you will get there.

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