Troll Bridge  LbNA # 62734 (ARCHIVED)

Placed Date
CountyBritish Columbia, CAN
LocationPowell River, BRC
Planted ByPowell River Library    
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Hike Distance?

Drive North on Hwy 101. Go right on Wilde Rd. At the fork,go right onto Tomkinson Rd. Watch out for big cross ditches! Cross bridge then watch for a "Sunshine Coast Trail" sign on the right. This is where your hike begins. After you cross the first footbridge, hang to the right, staying on the SCT Southbound. When you cross the second footbridge (AKA the Troll Bridge) look for a tall, decaying stump just off to the right. I'm hidden in a low dark place. Before you collect your stamp, stand on the bridge and take a look around. How many different kinds of plants can you see?