Dragon's Lair  LbNA # 62753 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 30 2012
LocationRenaissance Festival HC parking, Kansas City, KS
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Dragon's Lair

PLEASE LEAVE THE RUBBER STAMP. It is for the letterboxers. This is a geocache/letterbox hybrid. If you're interested in having your personal hand carved stamp let me know.

Every year Dragons reappear in Kansas. They especially enjoy our fall season. You can find these dinosaur like creatures at the Renaissance Festival beginning in September. They are very shy. You must search for them. This wee dragon gobbled a turkey leg and found a comfortable spot near the festival but not too close. He's hiding in a camo box. Please leave the dragon so that others may enjoy him.
633 North 130th Street Bonner Springs, KS 66012

This is best found if you're at Sandstone for a concert or the RenFest. Otherwise, you may have to park outside the gates and walk in.
Go to Sandstone Amphitheater and park.
Go to the front of the RenFest gates. You will see a road that heads north. It has a fenced gate that stops your northern movement.
Once you reach that corner walk 41 paces (82 steps) to the west. You will see an old camper shell. The dragon waits south of the backside of the shell.

For the geocachers: 39.111252, -94.876218 3