Sunny Sunflower  LbNA # 62777 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 6 2012
LocationPowell Gardens, Kingsville, MO, MO
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Go to Powell Gardens. Find Byron Shutz Nature Trail. Advance down the trail. Pass the Boy Scouts Outhouse (NOT in use!!). You will come to a "One Way" sign. Go the one way. Cross the bridge. Keep going until you see a Do Not Enter and then a deck over a pond (right now mostly dried up). Continue right on the trail. You will see a sign that directs hikers to Nature Trail Hike or Prairie Ride. Go west (left) to the Nature Trail Hike. Go 13 paces (26 steps) and you will see 4 sister trees. A Sunny Sunflower awaits your finding. This is a Geocache/Letterbox Hybrid.
For the Geocachers: 38.876428, -94.040043