Flying Basset  LbNA # 62779

OwnerHappy Quilter    
Placed DateAug 6 2012
LocationAldie Mill, Aldie, VA
Found By paper trail
Last Found Nov 25 2013
Hike Distance?

There is a wonderful one-of-a-kind gristmill in the little town of Aldie on Highway 50 near Middleburg. It is a National Register of Historic Places location, so try to visit there when it is open and operating!
Park in the lot and face the sign that announces "Aldie Mill." To your left is a trail off into the trees. Go over a small bridge, then a longer one. Count 29 paces. Look to your left to a tree on the bank. Behind it is the Flying Basset. It is in a small container, so be sure to replace it where you found it, propped up with rocks so it does not get water in it, or roll down the bank. The logbook is small, too, so let me know when it needs replacing please.
Nearby you will find a wonderful Aldie Mill box too!!
Happy trails!