Brownie Box  LbNA # 62786 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerGS Troop 15214    
Placed DateAug 4 2012
LocationTheo Wirth Park, Minneapolis, MN
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Hike Distance?

The letterbox created by Robbinsdale Troop 15214 is located at the quaking bog in Theo Wirth Park. Hike to the head of the bog. There is a sign with information about the bog and sensitive plants that can be found within. From here follow the zig-zag path to the bridge that goes over the moat. Tip-toe over the bridge as not to wake the troll. At the salad fork, make a right. At the dinner fork, make a left. Move past the edible cattails and over two humps. Look for birch trees on right. Now look for one birch tree up ahead a little that is all by itself. Look at the base of the tree to find the trolls treasure.