2012: The Tenth Year of The Dragon  LbNA # 62816

OwnerSunny Side Up    
Placed DateAug 11 2012
LocationGlendale, WI
Found By punxsygal
Last Found May 5 2016
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We have been blessed in our corner of the letterboxing world with the many talents and enthusiasm of our friend The Dragon. Among his contributions (solely or jointly with others) are carving and planting, hosting gatherings, preserving the early history of LBing in Wisconsin. Among series he has done (solely or jointly) or organized or supervised are the MathMan, Circus Train, Monty Python, Cambridge Parkway, Oak Leaf Trail, Bristol Renaissance Faire and Pi Day series. This box is planted as a celebration of his tenth year in our wonderful hobby.

2012: The Tenth Year of The Dragon

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