Petrified Buffalo  LbNA # 62820

OwnerTiernans of AZ    
Placed DateAug 11 2012
LocationDry Creek Petrified Forest, Buffalo, WY
Found By Colorado Seashells
Last Found Sep 13 2012
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: East. Not handicapped accessible. Hike to letterbox is approximately 1/4 mile. Entire hike is approximately 2/3 mile, with the last 50 or so feet down a fairly steep hill.

Dry Creek Petrified Tree Natural Area is a small area with outcroppings of scoria volcanic rock and the remains of petrified trees that had once been a forest millions of years ago. It is a very interesting and pleasant little hike that meanders among the hills and is dotted with information stations. There is also a small picnic shelter, if you'd like to bring along a lunch.

Take I-90 southeast out of Buffalo. Exit at Tipperary Road (Exit 65). Turn left onto Tipperary Road. The paved road will quickly turn to gravel. There will be two "T" intersections along the way - stay to the left at both intersections to remain on Tipperary Road. A "Dry Creek Petrified Tree" sign will be on the right side of the road, next to a very large brown building. Take a left at the sign and cross the cattle guard, then go to the left. The road will wind through a few hills before opening out into a circular drive/parking area with some bathrooms on the left and the small picnic shelter to the right. Park in this area. Sign in at the box just before the picnic shelter. There are also laminated cards in the box with lots of interesting information about the area that you can take with you on your hike. Begin by following the "Trail" sign that starts at the picnic shelter and heads off into the hills via the arrow sign behind the shelter. Continue past Station 1 and the outcropping of scoria. Also continue past Stations 2 and 3. After Station 3, look for a horizontal outcropping of petrified tree on your left. Look for a smaller rock at the left end, underneath the shelter created by the larger horizontal outcropping. The letterbox is behind this smaller rock, nestled back into the shelter. You should probably poke into the area with a stick first, to make sure that no snakes or other critters have taken up residence there! Be sure to re-seal the bags and re-hide the box well! Enjoy!