Remembering Ellersley  LbNA # 62830

Placed DateAug 12 2012
LocationUnion Cemetery, Louisville, OH
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found Nov 26 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 26 2015

Union Cemetery is on the corner of Main Street (153) and Meese Road, just outside of the eastern Louisville city limits.

As you enter through the Kingdom’s gates be sure to greet the SOLDIERS ON THE LEFT guarding the path. The two stand at attention just in front of the GUARDHOUSE.

Now TURN RIGHT ONTO THE PATH across from the steadfast soldiers, and as you journey through the Kingdom, listen to this tale of Baby Ellersley, a real life princess.
Once upon a time, on a land similar to the grassy knolls you pass, there lived a peasant couple who longed for a sweet baby. They were full of joy upon learning they were going to have a beautiful baby. Before they found out the baby’s gender, they nicknamed the baby “Honu” which is Hawaiian for sea turtle.
But soon they found out their baby was a girl! And so they decided to call her Ellersley.
TURN LEFT AT THE END to continue on around the Kingdom, and TURN LEFT again at the end of that road.
I will continue my tale as you ride up in your “carriage” to the CASTLE COVERED IN VINES and wait there.

The family was full of joy from their baby. But just after Baby Ellersley was born, disaster struck. An evil wizard named Death stole away their baby girl and took her to his dark castle under a sleeping spell. The whole kingdom was heartbroken at the couple’s loss. The King sent out a decree to the entire kingdom, looking for a brave knight to rescue the baby.
Only one came. He was the Son of the King, the heir to the throne. He decided to go, though the journey would be dangerous. He left the Kingdom and trekked to the dark castle.
Here we will follow the Brave Knight’s journey as he searches for Ellersley and all the other children who had been taken.

He went from the CASTLE and WALKED TO A LARGE TREE placed at the T INTERSECTION of TWO PATHS.
He then went WEST to where he saw the BISHOP of the castle standing. The Bishop was left frozen in place, under an enchanted spell of sleep.
He looked ACROSS THE PATH from the Bishop and saw a ROW OF HEARTS protruding from the ground. He went over, and as he walked the sleeping spells were broken and all the children woke up. For this Brave Knight had magic in his blood since he was the Son of the King. But still, he searched for ELLERSLEY GRACE DEEM. And then he found her, sleeping with a little LAMB.
As he found her tiny body wrapped up in sleep, he broke her enchantment. She was alive and beautiful. But then the Wizard Death came. The Brave Knight fought—and won with his life. He promised to give up his life in the Kingdom to keep the children and others away from the sleep enchantment.
So Wizard Death was defeated, but the Brave Knight stayed with those who had slept—including sweet Ellersley—until the day would come for him to become King forever . On that day, he would return to the Kingdom and bring all those who had been taken by Wizard Death with him, home. And Ellersley would see her parents again. This is not the end of the story.

This is the fairytale version of Ellersley Grace Deem’s short life. She was born on August 13, 2011 and died shortly after. But her life brought JOY to not only her parents but to her family and their friends. We will never forget her short, sweet life and the impact it had on us all. Because through the pain we’ve chosen to see God’s will and joy. We know she is safely wrapped in Jesus’ arms, awaiting the day she can see her mommy and daddy again.
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Now for the letterbox:
From Ellersleys’s grave, look LEFT for THREE BUSHES across the path. Search in the CENTER BUSH to find the treasure you seek.