Walking With Dinosaurs  LbNA # 62865

Placed DateAug 15 2012
LocationTwo Mile Run Park, Franklin, PA
Found By spidercats
Last Found Sep 3 2012
Hike Distance?

There are four boxes in the series. Only the first one has a book, the other three have stamps for your book. The path is wide and kid friendly, the terrain is pretty gentle.

Enter the park and leave your car at the nature lodge. Behind the nature lodge find the beginning of the Deer Meadow trail. There is a large face carved into the tree. Start walking. Pass the 2KM marker. Cross the rocky footbridge. Go about 100 meters to a sharp S bend int he trail. Look for a double tree on the left after the bend. Stand with your back to the double tree and look across the trail. There is a big tree with a blue blaze, the first box is at the base.

Continue up the trail. Cross the road. Veer right and then into the woods, not down the trail by the road. Go several hundred meters. Trail will descend slightly and you will find a small stand of pine trees on the right. Box number two is at the base of the last pine tree.

Keep on walking. At the T, turn left following the blue arrow. Pass the 3K marker. Trail is open for a bit. When you get back in the trees there is a big triple tree with foundation stones on the right. 30 feet beyond is another triple tree. Box number three is at the base.

At this point you can choose to go on and continue the loop and get box number four or turn around and take the shorter route back.

If you choose to go on pass the 2MI marker. Follow the blue arrow at the fork and then go right. Keep going straight until you come to a four way intersection of the trail, ignore all the other trail offshoots. Go left and keep following the blue arrow at the four way intersection. You will soon come to an open area with a pavilion and restroom facilities. Stay to the left of the road and rejoin the trail. Once the trail joins the main road, follow for a short distance and you will see a really big rock on the left. The fourth box is under the rock in the back. Keep following trail and you will return to the nature lodge. My guesstimate is the trail is about 3 miles.