Broken Shell  LbNA # 62895 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 19 2012
Location11307 Mem[phis-Arlington Rd, Arlington, TN
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I walked along the beach one day
And found a broken shell
Scratched by seas and sands of time.
I too am a broken shell
Hold me close and
You will hear the ocean roar.

Make your way to the Arlington Sports Complex located at 11307 Memphis-Arlington Rd. Drive to the back of the parking lot to find the Arlington Nature Trail, which has a map to show you the route of this very short, paved, shaded trail.
Start down the path.
Turn left
Turn left
Turn right
Walk forward until you get to the park bench sitting at the intersection of 3 paths.
Sit on the bench. See a multi-trunk tree at about 10 o'clock. To the right and behind this multi-trunk tree is single big tree. Box is located at the base of the single big tree.