USA Cents  LbNA # 62897

Placed DateAug 18 2012
CountyWilliamsburg city
Locationwaller Mill Park, Williamsburg, VA
Found By Hiking Vikings
Last Found Jun 2 2016
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USA Cents

Waller Mill Park, Bayberry Trail

Park your vehicle (a nominal fee) and go to the Visitor’s Center.
Look for the pedestrian bridge across the lake.
Take this bridge, make a right and follow the signs through the picnic area to the “Bayberry Trail".

Letterbox #1
Start the trail and find a bench and memorial stone at the water’s edge.
Sit and enjoy the view for a minute or two.
Go back to the trail and keep walking.
At the sign "Trail 1 mile, short cut 1/2 mile" take the 1 mile Trail.
Look for a double tree too your "R".
Behind the tree under some bark.

Letterbox #2
Take the 1/2 mile trail.
At the sign with the white arrow STOP here.
With your back to the sign (WEST) walk 25 paces to a big fallen tree.
At the end of the log across a medium tree.

Letterbox #3 and Letterbox #4
Back to the trail.
Wooden bench to your "R"
With your back to the bench (EAST) walk up to 24 paces to another fallen tree.
Look for the box at the end of the log under some bark.

Letterbox #5
Back to the path.
Continue walking and enjoy the view.
Deers,birds,and plenty of others animals are around here.
Look for a 5 feet tall stump and walk to the next stump close to the first one.
Follow the long fallen log and look for the box between 2 fallen logs almost at the end.

Letterbox #6 and Logbook
At the sign "Trail <" make a "R".
At your "R" look for a stump 2-3 feet tall.
Walk around fallen tree. ("L" side)
Box is under brach close to the floor.
across multiples logs on the floor.

You are halfway around the loop trail. Retrace your steps or continue on back to the playground.
You may even choose a longer loop option.

There are several other letterboxes in this park, some right on Bayberry Trail.

Remember- after stamping in, plaese make sure all ziplock bags are resealed and rehide very carefully.
No ink included.
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