Applique Flower Basket  LbNA # 62926

OwnerHappy Quilter    
Placed DateAug 20 2012
LocationGlouchester and Glenburn, Ashburn, VA
Found By paper trail
Last Found Apr 19 2013
Hike Distance?

Park your car at the little playground at Glenburn Terrace and Gloucester Parkway in Ashburn. There is a nice covered picnic area and a big field perfect for running around with a ball. When you are done eating and playing, walk down Glenburn Terrace to the end. You will see in front of you a blacktop paved path. Take this path to the right. Very shortly, you will see a bridge that crosses the stormwater culvert on your left. Cross the bridge. Walk a short distance. You will see a bench on the left side of the path that is nestled in the shade of the willows. Take the right fork. Count 3 more benches as you walk. Sit down and take a rest on this bench. To your left is a little path that leads to a development. Take that path with 12 steps. On your right is a short tree stump on the ground, exactly 12 steps into the bushes. The Applique Flower Basket resides within. Please hide carefully and watch for the many muggles here. And oh...there is another really SUPER box nearby! Happy trails!