Deep Run Movie Night  LbNA # 62933

Placed DateAug 29 2012
Location9900 Ridgefield Pkwy, Richmond, VA
Found By Janna
Last Found Jun 6 2013
Hike Distance?

1) Enter at the Deep Run Park sign entrance. Go past the first play area on your right and past the Recreation Center on your left. Continue on to the second play area. As you stand in the parking lot facing where children play, take the paved path to the left of the shelter/picnic area. Then onward you go over the paved path, as water goes under, and watch as the pavement goes from old to new. Find the black hose pipe on the ground on the right. Look for the large pine about ten feet to the right of the pipe. Find Box #1 at the base of the pine covered under brush and become a star.

2) Retrace your steps on the paved path, now new to old and over water. Take your first left on the straight paved path. The picnic area is to your right. Bow to the first twin sister tree on your right as it applauds you. A second twin sister tree on the right will greet you. Continue on and take the next right on the paved path and pass the white oak sign on your left. Look ahead on the paved path and find a sign about a “different color” on your right. As you face the front of the sign, walk twelve paces directly behind it and find Box #2 behind a tree and under brush. Hopefully you will only have to “take one.”

3) Return to the paved path and take a right. Hold on while you swerve and curve along the paved path. The three twin sister trees in a row on your left are your captive audience. Now take the gravel path and find the Pignut Hickory sign on your left. Continue on the path and walk halfway between the sign and the bridge. A rock far on your left in the woods will hide your prized movie debut in Box #3.

4) Return to your gravel path and take a left and continue on your way over the bridge x 2. Continue on the path. Find the tree on your left with roots like snakes that slither ONTO your path. Find the stump in the woods approximately twenty paces directly behind the snake tree. You must be hungry, so enjoy your snack in Box #4.