Worldcon  LbNA # 62953

Placed DateAug 29 2013
LocationHenry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, TX
Found ByJoLoMo
Last UpdateSep 1 2012


This is the second in our series of SF convention letterboxes, trying to determine whether there are any other letterboxers in science fiction fandom.
The box gets a different stamp every year, so if you find it one year, continue to search for it at future Worldcons.

This box will be available only for a few days each year, usually around the time of Roscoe's birthday. The box was in Denver in 2008, Montreal in 2009, and Melbourne, Australia in 2010, skipped Reno in 2011, and was in Chicago in 2012. It will be in San Antonio, Texas in 2013, and London, England in 2014.

Track the upcoming locations of this letterbox at

Clues for the actual location of the letterbox will be available at each convention, once we've found a location for it. Look for a message addressed to JoLoMo Letterbox at the "Voodoo Message Board". If there is no Voodoo board, we'll try to update the clue online.

SAN ANTONIO: Look inside the back of the red newsletter distribution rack in the Con Suite. Corner nearest the windows. As usual, please be discreet, because this is a very public area.

[Note: the software base at sometimes has problems with changing the location of an existing letterbox, so between Worldcons the entry may get deleted and replaced with what appears to be a different letterbox with the same name.]