Nala Lion  LbNA # 62983

OwnerDaisy Lab    
Placed DateAug 25 2012
LocationLion's Park, 125 New St., Muncy, PA, Muncy, PA
Found By Urban Hawks
Last Found Mar 22 2014
Hike Distance?


You will find me at Lion's Park in Muncy, PA.

Lion's Park is actually located behind Ward L. Myers Elementary School.

*As you enter school grounds and come down the little hill toward the school, turn to the right and drive to the back of the parking lot.
*Turn left at the back of the parking lot and go down the small road. You will go past the school playground on the left and the R.J. Patrizio Pool (Muncy pool) on the right.
*Go past the pool and find the parking lot that is covered in driveway stones. Park there. If you make a left turn and see a soccer field to the left, you went too far.
*There is a small foot bridge to the right. Walk across the bridge.
*Go past the pavillion and continue on the path toward the playground.
*Continue walking past the playground until you get to the blue sign with white lettering that is on the right.
*Look toward the woods straight at the back of the lot.
*See the tree on the right? No - not the ones close to you...the one all by itself way toward the back. Walk toward that tree.
*Once at the tree, turn on a diagonal away from the stream bed and toward the pile of brush left from the flood.
*Walk 27 steps to the tree trunks with white camouflage. Look between the 2 trunks that are close together. It is hidden under branches and dried leaves.

Be careful when you get close. Nala may pounce! :)

My daughter placed this box in order to earn a Letterboxing badge for Girl Scouts. She is extremely excited and is looking forward to checking for visitors!